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Dunavant Medical Group

Dunavant Medical Group is unique in offering three additional access points to our highest quality healthcare,
depending on your situation and needs. These include:


Urgent care is provided at Dunavant Medical Group to persons of all ages (including infants, toddlers and children) for non-life-threatening conditions that nevertheless require urgent attention, including but not limited to concerns including high fevers, unusual sustained pain and minor injuries. To minimize your wait, we recommend you call ahead at 239.312.4544.


Should an illness or accident occur that is non-life-threatening, yet requires immediate attention, Dunavant Medical Group also offers a Walk-In Clinic option. Your condition will be triaged and attended to as quickly as possible, depending on the severity of your condition.


For persons who are non-ambulatory or otherwise unable to travel to Dunavant Medical Group, we offer the option of the old-fashioned “house call” to provide the necessary care you need. Be sure to contact our office at 239.312.4544 for details.